The challenge & solution

The challenge

In times of environmental zones, diesel scandals, little living space, traffic chaos and time pressure – how do you manage to develop a system that optimally serves not only efficient logistics processes but also the requirements of people and the environment?

The solution

The basic idea of ​​RYTLE is based on the four pillars ECONOMIC, EFFICIENT, EMPOWERMENT and ECOLOGIC. With this concept, RYTLE combines forward-looking technology standards with logistical challenges, economy and customer satisfaction.


RYTLE pursues a sustainable cost avoidance approach and integrated optimization of the overall system. In this way, complicated transport concepts and interface costs can be minimized.

  • A MovR replaces a CEP vehicle
  • Digital networking of the actors
  • Wide range of applications


The co-ordinated overall system together with the combination of digital technology, efficient logistics processes and the simplicity of implementation ensures a special efficiency.

  • Innovative picking
  • Networking components and actors


The purpose is to optimize the logistics process on the last mile in such a way that the environmental impact caused by the constantly growing delivery traffic is reduced. By using cargo bikes, RYTLE provides an environmentally friendly solution for city traffic.

  • Emission-free city centers
  • Less noise


RYTLE is an integrative concept for all. With the use of classic bike technology and the newest smartphones, anyone can become a courier of RYTLE. The benefit is therefore not exclusive to the delivery service. In addition, RYTLE creates a simple earning potential in the sense of crowdworking.

  • Social integration
  • Crowdworking “anyone can become a courier of RYTLE”


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