Last Mile RYTLE

Integrated last-mile solution Rytle combines four components to deliver a highly efficient and economical solution for urban spaces. The four components include the Movr, an engine powered three-wheel vehicle; the Box, a portable storage unit with the circumference of a standardized EUR-pallet; the Hub, a storage facility with enough space to store up to nine Rytle boxes; and the Rytle Digital Kit, which acts as the bridging interface between all components. Parcels are placed within the Box at the sorting depot before being loaded into the Hub. The Hub is then transported to a central urban location by van, where the parcels are collected by Movr delivery riders or ‘Rytlers’. Rytlers are sent ‘jobs’ via the Rytle app; the telematics and communication technology facilitated by the Rytle Digital Kit enables Rytlers to find their Box, which they can place on their Movr.

Equipped with an algorithm-powered smart route planner, the Rytler also has the necessary tools to avoid inner-city congestion. The Rytle app also serves as the recording and documentation tool during package delivery. The app can be used by customers to track packages and write reviews. Rytle combines technology with efficient logistics processes to meet the requirements of customers and the environment.

We offer a smart solution for emissions-free last-mile delivery. RYTLE develops and manufactures the entire infrastructure, including Cloud and App-Solution.

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Veröffentlicht: September 2017 von postal and parcel technology international (Seite 99)