Rytle goes USA

Rytle, based in Bremen (Germany), and Silver Eagle Manufacturing, headquartered in Portland (OR, USA), have joined forces to solve urban logistics problems with innovative solutions engineered in Germany.

Gary Gaussoin, Silver Eagle’s president, said: “Our cooperation with Rytle will bring German engineering and our domestic manufacturing together to supply the smartest urban logistics technology in North America.” And Arne Kruse, MD and co-founder of Rytle, commented: “Sustainability, alternative mobility concepts, efficiency and speed paired with lower costs play an increasingly important role in city logistics. Operators and fleets can choose from different solution levels on how to best serve dense urban environments.”

The modular design of having a separate three-wheeled cargo bike called a MovR and pre-loadable wheeled boxes gives great flexibility in how best to serve a location.

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Veröffentlicht: 26.03.2019  von mw, transportjournal