RYTLE is presenting with the MovR3 the next generation of its e-cargo bike

Bremen/Germany, 31st August 2022With the MovR3, RYTLE GmbH presents the latest generation of its cargo bike for urban areas.  The electrified, with full-suspension equipped, cargo bike impresses with an appealing and above all functional design. Taking into account the standard Euro pallet dimensions in the load pick-up, it offers users significantly more flexibility. Comfort and safety components have been optimised and supplemented. The MovR3 is oriented towards automotive standards and implies for sustainable, economical and efficient transport solutions in urban environments as well as explicitly on the last mile. It offers its advantages – both stand-alone and integrated into the RYTLE concept solution with additional hardware and software.

‘By taking into account the Euro pallet standard dimensions in the load pick-up, we not only offer significantly more flexibility for our customers, but also new areas of application in the inner-city and internal transport of goods,’ explains the start-up RYTLE GmbH from Bremen/Germany. ‘An electric pallet fork in the open loading bay at the rear replaces the mechanical crank of the predecessor model. This allows the established RYTLE interchangeable BOX to be picked up effortlessly. From October, it will also be possible to transport Euro pallets. The maximum load is 373 kg. This is divided between the driver, a load of 30 kg at the front and 257 kg for the load on the fork including the container.’

The MovR3 acts as an e-pedelec in the speed range up to 25 km/h. It can be used as a stand-alone solution but also as part of a connected RYTLE logistics concept. In addition to the MovR3, the manufacturer offers other smart cargo bikes, exchangeable boxes (RYTLE BOX), self-sufficient micro depots (RYTLE HUB), telematics units and software interfaces. The in-house software ensures smart processes and digital transparency.

‘The experiences of our many customers flowed into the latest generation of the MovR3. In particular, feedback from the CEP sector, e-commerce and food commerce helped shaping the development.  Additional safety aspects indicated a concern for us. Supplementary indicators integrated into the mirror as well as a high-quality LED light system take this into account,’ the company emphasises. The full suspension ensures a smoother and more controlled ride. The revised bodywork made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) not only fulfils its protective function, but also scores with an attractive design and easy reparability. Reinforced wheels from the motorbike industry increase reliability. Depending on local conditions, drivers are free to choose the more secure entry and exit side on the right or left. ‘We understand scalable logistical processes. CEP service providers will find their right solution as well as pharmacies, craft and commercial enterprises. Wholesalers and retailers can rely on our products and solutions for branch supply or direct delivery,’ RYTLE GmbH adds and sums up: ‘In urban areas, we have been part of the mobility turnaround for five years and produce future-oriented, efficient and sustainable transport solutions. Internationally, several thousand e-cargo bikes from RYTLE are already in operation and in the future we will shape the cityscapes even more.’

More pictures of the MoVR3 to download:

MovR3: For more sustainability and efficiency on the last mile
Electric pallet fork in the loading bay of the MovR3 in Euro pallet dimension
Ergonomic adaption and safe transport of the established RYTLE BOX
MovR3 enables the transport of Euro pallets in October
Full suspended and reliable: wheels of the motorbike industry
Even more safety: additional indicators integrated into the mirror and a high quality LED lightning system
MovR3: Usage either as stand-alone or integrated solution in the RYTLE concept including HUB, telematic units and software